Invoice Financing for Global Businesses

Easier access to capital and liquidity to supercharge your business

Financing businesses to boost efficiency and accelerate growth

“Our digital invoice financing platform empowers businesses by providing them with liquidity, enabling them to optimize operations, seize opportunities, and drive growth with enhanced financial flexibility and efficiency


Here is why our clients love us

On-demand Liquidity

Instant access to funds to manufacturers, importers & exporter with valid Form M’s or Invoices for supporting agile growth and empowering financial operations.

Technology driven

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide innovative, efficient, and seamless digital lending solutions for African businesses and operators

Super flexiblible terms 

Offering highly adaptable and customizable loan terms  tailored to their specific financial requirements and growth strategies of your business

Best Pricing 

We Offer the most competitive and transparent rates for financing businesses. We pride ourselves as been the cheapest for the most Value delivered

What is invoice financing

We pay your
Invoices so you can grow faster

Empowers businesses by unlocking the untapped value of their outstanding invoices, granting them swift access to crucial cash flow.
Infusing working capital fuels  your ability to conquer operational expenses, seize lucrative growth opportunities, and effortlessly bridge cash flow gaps and obstacles in securing traditional financing avenues or operating within industries burdened by protracted payment cycles.

We disburse more than $5m in Financing monthly 

We are dedicated problem solvers, committed to ensuring your business thrives and achieves its full potential. With a focus on professionalism and excellence, we deliver exceptional services and streamlined processes to drive your success. 


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Our Process

We take pride in being the most user-friendly business Liquidity provider, delivering financing decisions within an impressive 72-hour turnaround time.

Business evaluation

We arrange a consultation with you and your business executives to understand your company’s operations and objectives

Risk Assessment  

We conduct a risk assessments specific to your business, ensuring responsible lending practices


We run a (KYB) and due diligence process to verify (UBO), Directors, and review the commercial and financial aspects of companies


We ensure prompt and secure fund disbursement to approved businesses, enabling them to access the capital efficiently and with peace of mind

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We are modern but also traditional we want to know about your business first.